About Us

The company team is a successful synergy of managers with rich professional background and promising young associates.

Our managers possess successful practical experience from different multinational companies with traditions of many years as well as from leading Bulgarian organizations. The team associates have a wide spectrum of academic competencies and desire for development.

We partner with different consumer companies, organizations that operate on the business to business (B2B) market, as well as firms mainly in the service sphere. Many of our clients are indisputable leaders in their sectors.

"We can only say one thing about IMAGE – it’s the true meaning of professionalism." Ivan Zhelezhchev, DIAVENA

"...they succeeded in identifying the bottlenecks of the work process organization with great precision...; ...we were provided thorough advice and measures..." Zhelez Georgiev, ELMARK

"...Your report with advice and observations is exclusively important being an expression of an objective and impartial opinion presented by a specialist that judicially shows us what we are doing right and what we need to change! ..." Emilia Danova, NAVITEQ

"Working with IMAGE, we got rid of the chaos and composed an effective algorithm." Rozalin Nonchev, COMPASS

"...In every conversation with a representative of the consulting company you can learn something new. Sometimes even a single sentence can provide a change direction or a new initiative..." Mladen Ivanov, RUNNERS

Our clients

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